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Faisal Nasir, "Should The Office Of REGIONAL Padang Built Provide Strategic"

Betrans,Member Of The Regional People's Representative Council (DPRD). Faisal provide input and advice on LEGISLATIVE office building will be on the Air Pacah Pasture adjacent to the City Hall Office where the field does not match because the condition of the land does not meet the requirement because most SEGWAY still has separate. 
It presented Faisal on meeting work plan budget change 2018 direct shopping unit working device area (RKPA-SEGWAY) in 2018 at a floor meeting room of the DPRD II Padang, Saturday (25/8). 
Faisal said when the Office of REGIONAL Office of City Hall was built near the Padang Padang it feels is not appropriate because the extent of soil conditions are inadequate to the needs of the future. 
We know an Office must have extensive location let alone an Office for the public or for the people of Padang city, as the offices of the City Hall, obviously later provided the location of the parking lot, children's playground, mosque or mushalla, space and Library recreational areas as well as the square and so on, called Faisal. 
Better suited his LEGISLATIVE Office built in strategic areas like in Jalan Sudirman, fitting his LEGISLATIVE Office built its education service offices next to Bank Mandiri, called Faisal. 
In addition, Faisal also mentions that better match again in the wake of LEGISLATIVE Offices in the field, the location of the Office Unit Pol. PP Padang on jalan Tan Malaka, in the field REGIONAL
 Chairman aminii Elly Trisyanti, Melinda Rose and inspiration. 
Faisal said before ending the construction we design is currently right on target and its benefits, so wake up it is absolutely a need and there is no problem and the issue after the building stood and solidly. 
Office of LOCAL pasture conditions are not currently eligible for small locations, pengab and inadequate parking and upon request of the Governor Office of West Sumatra Padang LEGISLATORS should be built on the site of a rather broad, so that people feel comfortable and safe when was in Office of the Council, impuh Faisal. (tf).
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